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Congratulations BBEC Apprentices!

May 24, 2022


On May 19th, our 4th-year group of apprentices graduated Central PA Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) journeyman certification program! We are extremely proud of our team's continued efforts to better themselves and their professional careers! The graduation ceremony was held at the Spooky Nook sports complex.


Graduation 4th year 

Garrett Benson
Jacob Eshenour
Isaac Gelsinger
Cassie Henry
Niles Long
Noah Wilk
Nathan Cumberledge
Mitchell Reeser

In addition, John Gabel, our Field Operations Manager, had given all of the classes a challenge to see who could get the highest grade for each year. The winners received an Ideal multimeter. It should be everyone’s prerogative to try their hardest and do the best they can at all times!

Congratulations to the winners below:

Cassie Henry - 4th year
Mathew Gantt - 2nd year
Victor Barbush - 1st year

We value all of our apprentices' growth mindset and perseverance! Thank you for being a part of the BBEC Team!

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