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Dylan Reidel Promoted to Special Projects & Services Foreman

MARCH 8, 2022

BBEC is proud to announce the promotion of Dylan Reidel to SpecialProjects & Services Foreman.

Dylan Reidel joined our team June 12, 2017, as a 1st year apprentice. He went through BBEC’s IEC 4-year apprenticeship program and successfully completed the program in April 2021. He demonstrated leadership qualities early on. As an apprentice, Dylan was tasked to rough in entire office areas as a fellow apprentice followed his lead. He took his Journeyman’s test and received his journeyman’s license.


Dylan is a self-starter and brings with him a growth mindset. He’s appreciative of his mentors throughout his career that saw his potential and assisted in his professional development. He continues to build his skills- recently completing a thorough 2-day troubleshooting class. He stepped up and filled in for another Special Projects & Service Foreman for several months and easily adapted to the role.

On February 14th, 2022, Dylan successfully passed his master’s test!

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