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Our vision is to be the preferred provider for the highest quality, professionally executed electrical services in our market area.


Design/Build Services

Utilizing the design-build delivery method offers an owner many value added benefits including time and cost savings. The design-build path combines the design with construction quality, cost and schedule, into a single point of responsibility. This partnered approach between the owner and our design team leads to a higher quality project by providing an opportunity for constructability review through the design process. The overall project performance is enhanced through the partnering that is unique to design-build delivery method.

Time Savings

Design-Build projects allow design and construction phases to overlap allowing for fast-track construction. This shortened timeframe allows Owners to benefit through reduced construction cost as well as an earlier occupancy or use of the facilities. Long lead items can often be identified and ordered prior to the construction phase saving significant time.

Cost Savings

Value Engineering and constructibility reviews are two design-build benefits that Owners gain, saving them money in the initial construction     investment, but also long term over the life of the building. Decisions made during the programming, concept and design phases will impact the cost and schedule of the project more than any other phase of construction. The early involvement of the design-build team is essential to maximize the full potential of the design-build delivery system. 

Risk Management

With the design-build team having complete responsibility for developing the drawings and specifications, as well as the construction and quality of the fully functional system; adversarial conflicts and change orders are virtually eliminated. Inconsistencies or scope gaps are the responsibility of the design-builder. The Owner has one single source of responsibility.

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