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Providing vision, clarity, and feasibility


Preconstruction Services

Our preconstruction services provide the resources to our clients to guide them through every step of a project, from concept to completion. Our trusted team can take your vision and help you review options and provide recommendations to ensure the success of your project. The preconstruction process brings clarity to the initial concept and determines feasibility, while minimizing many potential challenges which could negatively impact the cost and schedule of a project.

Engineering Assessment

The initial engineering assessment will evaluate the existing conditions and analyze the project requirements to define the needs for the project.

Develop Initial Schematic Design

A digital schematic design allows the end users to visualize the project concept ensuring space, availability of power, lighting levels, and other construction considerations are aligned with the owner's vision.

Preliminary Construction Budget

A preliminary construction budget will be developed based on the schematic design and engineering assessment. This budget provides a general cost estimate to assist owners in understanding the magnitude of a project and can also be helpful with financing activities.

Value Engineering

Value engineering provides a clear analysis of best materials and/or methods to achieve the objective of a project. This process is focused with the one goal of providing the highest end value at the lowest cost. Equipment choices, operational costs, maintenance, reliability, life cycle, and replacement cost, will all impact the true value of a project. Relying on our expertise to assess these critical design considerations in the preconstruction phase, maximizes the projects function while minimizing cost generating the greatest value for our clients.

Preliminary Construction Schedule

After the majority of the project scope is defined, the preliminary construction schedule can be produced as a guide to the timeline for the finalization of critical decisions, development of construction documents, permitting, equipment procurement, and the duration and sequence of construction activities. This will provide the estimated days it will take to for the Client to reach their completed vision.

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